We like your load, we like our work

At Balts we offer transport solutions for goods and special loads that go beyond the conventional. Our experience covers a wide range of projects, such as the transportation of tunnel boring machine sections, large electric motors, reactors, heat exchangers, mining accessories, among others.

We specialize in managing everything type of heavy and/or oversized loads, factors that often require exceptional care and planning. Whether in the land or sea transport, we are prepared to handle any logistical challenge that arises. There are practically no limits.

Each project is unique, and at Balts we approach it with the personalized attention it deserves. Our expert logistics team designs customized solutions, from initial planning to final delivery, guaranteeing the safety and integrity of your goods at every stage of the process.

Whether you need to transport heavy equipment, high loads or sensitive products, we are prepared to meet your most rigorous demands. Furthermore, our commitment does not end at delivery: we offer door to door services, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our customers.

How we work?

At Balts we have excellent contacts. We collaborate with independent agents on five continents, all of them leading professionals in the field of special cargo. Trustworthy, prepared and with a long-term bond. We maintain contact with more than 200 shipowners and operators operating around the world, all of whom can give adjusted offers and, of course, support us with the instructions we need when we have the first notions of a particular project.

Balts has a very good relationship with a large number of companies involved in the specializations that we have referred to:

Special cargo carriers

Lifting companies


Lashing professionals


All of them available to the needs of the projects we work on.

What can we collaborate on?

Project loads

Charters / Shipbrokers


Ground transportation

Do you need advice?

At Balts, we understand the importance of each cargo and are committed to providing reliable and efficient logistics solutions, adapted to your specific needs. Problems with Incoterms®? With the documentation? The boarding terms? We can also help in this aspect.

Tell us your case and trust us to handle your freight and special cargo transportation projects with professionalism and excellence every step of the way.

We like your load, we like our work

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